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“He who goes ahead is the bridge for a man going behind." 

- Georgian proverb

Collaborative in our essence, innovative in our thinking and means without restriction or boundaries. A well versed team with over 30 years of success, collectively, in delivering game changing projects with significant returns on investment.  Whether it be through new initiatives, real estate, technology, mergers, acquisitions or project financing we are here to help you get it done.

"...People who had never been there, and who possibly never could go there, spoke of Georgia with a kind of longing and a great admiration. They spoke of Georgians as supermen, as great drinkers, great dancers, great musicians, great workers and lovers. And they spoke of the country in the Caucasus and around the Black Sea as a kind of second heaven."


― John Steinbeck


Georgia is one of the most progressive nations in the world, having made huge advances on the international stage with trade and inward investment and consistently in the Top 10 places to do business. This coupled with a geographically strategic advantage and highly attractive tax and free trade agreements, makes any proposition in Georgia uniquely exciting.

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